Mind Set

Having the right Mind Set for fast weight loss:

Have you ever heard, “Make a decision, and make it your own?”

Throughout my years, the only things I ever accomplished were when I decided to do it, no matter what!

That is making it your own!  You absolutely have to do that when you are thinking about starting a new way of living…

If you don’t really make a sound decision to do it, you won’t follow through. I know…“I have been there and done that,” as they say.

The biggest tip I have for you today, is to take THE M3 PLEDGE…

Another tip is to “see” yourself the way you used to be, before those pounds crept on.

Also, “feel” again how you felt back when people around you complimented you on how good you looked!

You can see yourself, and feel the feeling…just close your eyes and go back to that place. Linger there for awhile and allow yourself to feel the feelings again. Do this every day…

You will be amazed how it will energize you and help you stay on course!

The fact is that what we focus our minds on, is what expands in our experience. The more we think about how we felt back when we were slimmer, the more we will have success with our goal today.

If we keep our thoughts focused on how fat we are, and how out of shape we are, then guess what…we will keep experiencing that very thing!

This is a scientific fact! So, think about what you WANT, not what you don’t want!