My Story

Hi, I am Margi, a 75 year “young” grandmother who wanted to know how to build muscle and lose fat.

I also wanted to find a fast and healthy weight loss plan. I had about 25 extra pounds to lose.

Through the years, I have tried several diet plans, and some of them made a difference and some of them did not!

Of course, no diet plan will work if you don’t do it… lol.

So, here I am again wanting to find some diet tips for fast weight loss, and a fast weight loss diet plan that works!

I needed to lose those extra pounds, as now I could feel the extra weight affecting my knees, and I knew that belly fat was not healthy either, besides the fact of how it affected my appearance! 🙁

So, what is the best diet to lose belly fat, and a diet plan for weight loss for women over 40, over 50, over 60, over 70?

I was attracted to The 2 Week Diet by Brian Flatt. I decided to do it, to see if it really would help me.

At my age, losing weight almost seemed impossible. At least it has not been as easy as it was in my younger years.

Also, I wanted to know if it was a healthy option for me. I am a health nut, so that was a huge priority for me.

I was impressed as I read through the Guide, which Brian adamantly says we must do first!

Understanding how and why this diet plan works so well is very important.

He has several diet tips for fast weight loss, all proven scientifically.

Just that fact encouraged me to stick with it. The other big win is that you only have to do this for two weeks to see real success!

At the end of just 1 week, I had lost 10 lbs! To say I was excited is an understatement!

At the end of 2 weeks, I had lost another 4 lbs. and was ecstatic.  This was really working for me!

I will be continuing with The 2 Week Diet until I get to my goal. It has been easy to do, and I have not felt deprived at all. I feel wonderful!

If you are interested in losing weight like I did, you can go here to get the Guide, and get a $10.00 Discount

Email me if you would like a copy of my Daily Action Tracker to help you stay on track